Older Projects

(1) “Tara Ki Duniya”

Many thanks to Tulika Publishers, Chennai for making it happen!
This animated 13-episode series (in Hindi) was made in
1996 in my studio, Animatix. I was helped by a bunch of
very enthusiastic animators who were doing long format
animation for the first time. This was done in Chennai,
India. (This may be one of the first cartoon shows made in
India – I’m not sure!). The 13-part show was telecast on
India’s National Television several times over in 2000-

I did not enjoy any other project I did as much as I
enjoyed this one. 🙂 I may have later worked on other
international projects (for studios like Disney and Fox) but
this was my first project, and it was done with a lot of

Tara celebrates her 20th birthday!


Please check this link to the title song for the animation episodic series:

(2) Archie’s Riverdale Run

While at FXLabs in Hyderabad during 2003-2006, I got the
chance to be the Producer for an XBOX 360 game that we
were creating called “Riverdale Run”.

This game was based on the famous Archie comics and set in their town,
Riverdale. We made this game as partners with the Archie
comics people. Having grown up reading the Archie
comics, it was a dream come true animating Archie
Andrews, Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, along with all
the other characters! I thoroughly enjoyed the

Here is the trailer to the game: